Cultivating Wholeness Workshop

About this Workshop

Are you called to follow your deepest most secret longing? Are you seeking new ways to respond to what the Earth is asking of us at this unique time?

The Cultivating Wholeness Program opens a doorway to an extraordinary journey – navigating through your (often unfamiliar) internal world, we explore our humanity, encountering hidden dimensions of your ‘self’. The cultivation of wholeness is a contemporary paradigm for human development that contrasts radically with psychotherapy and its focus on healing (the elimination or reduction of psychopathology). While wholeness does enable healing — in particular Self-healing — it offers the potential for so much more: Wholeness engenders true adults and visionary artisans of cultural renaissance.

The workshop helps cultivate wholeness and nurtures a more balanced, fully human perspective of your ‘self’, celebrates your unique qualities and delivers practical, implementable strategies for living in a more authentic, heartfelt and joyful way.

It is facilitated by David Mallard along with the Shane Galloway and Bryden Haberle. The workshop includes a consciousness shifting Breathwork experience, led by David Mallard and supported by Megan Haberle and James Munro.

During the workshop some of the themes and practices we will explore include:

  • The context of our consumer culture, the ‘mania of modernity’ and ‘success’
  • The Nature Based Map of the Human Psyche including the facets of psychological wholeness and their immature dimensions, the sub-personalities.
  • Deeply stored emotion including grief and shame
  • Meditation, deep imagination, breathwork, trance dance
  • Altered states of consciousness, and the unspoken language of ritual
  • The uplifting power of acknowledgment and appreciation, and lots, lots more!!


David Mallard facilitates a 2 day workshop experience.

Date: TBA

Venue: Currawong Bush Park Conference Room – 277/285  Reynolds Road, Doncaster East (near Springvale Road).

Investment: $495 (plus GST)

Limit of 14 participants