Tending Our Grief

‘Facing our emptiness is key to our freedom. Until we do, we are driven by lifelong patterns of avoidance.’ Francis Weller

About this workshop

How do we trust, befriend, and accompany our grief, and then offer medicine for our community?  Most people in contemporary culture are not well-versed in the ways of grief. And yet, while we all experience grief and loss, the prevailing culture largely encourages a ‘turning away from’ grief – grief is pathologised, or is something temporary to ‘endure’ and often alone.

The grief we carry can present in many forms: loss, heartbreak, woundedness, rage, numbness, an unlived life, powerlessness, disconnection from the natural world and aloneness etc.

When we tend these griefs, we are practicing what Francis Weller calls – ‘soul-hygiene’. We can nurture the state of our soul by experiencing and metabolising the grief we hold.

This workshop is open to all genders and is limited to 12 participants.

More information arriving soon!